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04. Lotus Butterfly

The Nobs

Yesterday I found a butterfly
She kissed my hand release me everytime
Her colors bring the magic to the woods
I love to be in the lotus neighbourhood
Flowers falling down
She said the Lotus Flower is all around you
and all the flower power is underground
I ask my honey can't you hear my dreams
the magic touch of Tunter make it scream
Flowers falling down
Catch the power...
It´s all around you, it´s all around you
Love the flower...
Lotus is the color of your
They always bring the garden´s sunshine
Every morning...
When you wake up, when you dream up
Flowers falling down

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Formada em Porto Alegre-RS, em junho de 2002, a Nobs (re)cria o literal sentido da expressão Rock´n´Roll Vintage.

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