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Wish You Were Here

Rafa Nascimento

See the red sunshine light
Rising above your head
There's an image of...
There's an image of two lives
On different points of a path

Love and hate sometimes… sometimes
Life was showing the way
Could watch the tears you cried
The tears you cried until…
Until the break up day

In the emptiness of my mind
Memories can make you divine
Knot in my throat not to cry
When I think about the end of the line

Wish you were here
Drying every tear
You make me feel no fear
With the words I need to hear
It seems that you know
Every step in the road
But I know you can't show me
Every hole on this road
Wish you were here, wish you were here, wish you here…

Now you look me with pride
Though I'm not what you wanna see
You know nothing's louder…
You know nothing's louder
Than life's lessons in tears

You know there are times we have to try
Each one knows about their own life
We don't know what's wrong or right
It's hard to find a way before we cry

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