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    Listening to Mary Souza is like hearing angels sing; her voice is clear and melodic with excellent definition. On her debut release from Harmony Records Manso e Suave/Suave y Tierno, Souza fulfills a heartfelt dream: "This record is my way to elevate the name of GOD. Of first and foremost importance to me is to share my love for GOD and to give praise for all the blessings he has granted my life. He is my everything and I am happy to be born-again and back with Him".

    In 1996, while on tour in New York City, Souza meet Raina Bundy, vice-president and General Manager of Harmony Records. Recognizing Mary's artistic creativity and her devotion to the Lord, Raina invited Souza to join Harmony Records. Mary's Harmony debut was ...

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