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    Youtube Brazilian guitarist, composer and producer.

    Inspired since childhood by the greatest guitar players and transcendence of the Progressive Rock (70's), had the most positive influences to build their musical identity.
    In his albums performs recording bass lines, guitars, keyboards, another instruments, using loops / samplers for drums and percussion.

    Along the way in early 2000 began the task of creating soundtracks for advertising, documentaries, radio, film and TV, using digital tools for production in Audio Design.

    He worked as a songwriter and guitarist in bands: EVOX (2008), SOLARA (2010).
    Is there also in portfolio the musical production of some MPB artists such as Milena Lima, Rubens Figueiredo, Sergio Meireles and others.

    In parallel, have photography as a source of inspiration.


    Guitarrista brasileiro, compositor e produtor.

    Inspirado pelos grandes nomes da ...

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