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Mother Natures Cry

Onofre Neto

Can you see the situation that the world has been?
Can you tell me what's going on around here?
Gradually mankind's future's going unforeseen
Blinded by their own technology

The power of money rules our lives
Smashing our honor and our hearts
Hiding our treasures ambitiously
Letting the world fall apart

Listen to Mother Nature's cry
The men sentence the world to die
Is there any change for us to survive?
Respect the world's circle of life

We're the most responsible beings that have ever stepped in
Life will be going on and on forever
Face the hypnotic factory
Rise from the tombs of greed
Fight the lies and be surprised
There is a paradise

Elemental of Earth:
I call the deepest inside you
The kindness in your acts
That dreams should come true
I call them all... oh!
I cry for the beauty
That you insist in reaping with no mercy
Nature's talking through me... on the wind
Voices of elves in the forest they talk about you and me
When the forest's gone a whistle in the woods
Is now singing sadly lonely lament

Screaming beings
Blood's shed
Fallen trees along with their nests
There's misery from our creed
Few with so much many with nothing

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Uma banda entrosadíssima e com uma musicalidade de deixar qualquer fã de heavy melódico boquiaberto. O Deadly Fate segue o jeitão europeu de praticar o heavy metal, ou seja, com elementos clássicos, violões, vozes e andamentos épicos.