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    Enter The World of Death


    You want to know the death
    Then extend your hand
    His mind again
    In the world of darkness

    I take your blood
    Give your body the demons
    Your mind is lost in the abyss
    And his soul will be mine

    Look in my eyes fund
    If you lose in my power
    Forget all your life
    Release is their grudges

    Murdered on itself
    No pity for you
    Let's get that knife
    Enter the world of death

    This love of travel
    There is no more returns
    I will guide you to your destination
    In the world of darkness

    This is not the sky
    Called by another name
    This is your new home
    You fell into the depths of hell

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    As intenções da banda Norfair é fazer um som criativo com letras que façam as pessoas refletirem, além das loucuras… Nosso som traz bastante peso e ideologias diferentes e não temos baixista, espero que curtam!