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The Capitol

Rachel Flotard; Visqueen

Capitol feelings aside
you and I felt so in love
Our songbirds sang to loud
feeding us up
to the one and only lonely devotion
Spreading our ribs for the truth
two surgeons new in town
Tailoring hearts
built to suit
Falling for you
Polishing what was inside
disbelieve what you know
Best ignore goodbyes
and treasure hellos
until the one and only lonely diversion
Freezes and falls from the roof
A lynch pin hits the ground
but ticks in your fist
as the proof
Falling for you
Find the one you love
you're gonna thank god every day
When you find the one you love
you'll take insurance out to make them stay
but when you find the one you love
doesn't love you back that way
Hey, hey, release me
My head's your camping ground
driving stakes through my sleep
When it comes
Carving it down
to the 40,000 tons of devotion
Make it to the page one night
It echoes in the air
tethered and chained to the view
You kept me to yourself
You think had your controls on me
but boy
you're after someone else

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Nossa, incrível ! Adoraria ir a um show de vcs ! =D

Sandro Lois

Ola Visqueen , tudo bem !!?? Adorei as musicas de vcs , principalmente a Fight For Love , irado essa letra , gostei !!!!! Espero , de coração , que vcs venham logo ao Brasil quebrar tudo por aqui!!!^^P

Muito sucesso e paz


As músicas estão ótimas!

muito legaal mesmo

PARABÉNS! jeans, torones.

DRICO (adriano)

mto qualidade o trampo de vcs!

joão & cristian

lindo trabalho muito bom o som Deus abençoe...

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