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Fight For Love

Rachel Flotard; Visqueen

As it stands for thundering art
that we've all grown on
You're shaking in your skins
to collect it
Some weathered from the start
some on frozen ground
But the seasons in your heart
are reflected
When your wrapped in your mistakes
and then all you do is hate
When you gonna fight for love
Easier said than gone too far
little brilliant son
It's been free so long
that you paid it
Bigger Jets are on the mark
and they can't slow down
You were due in Rekyavik
and you made it
And we'll sway from chandeliers
as they burn away our fears
So when you gonna fight for love
As it stands
you"ll crawl in line to elect it
Given like the last known legal drug
in a military hug
When you gonna fight for love

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Nossa, incrível ! Adoraria ir a um show de vcs ! =D

Sandro Lois

Ola Visqueen , tudo bem !!?? Adorei as musicas de vcs , principalmente a Fight For Love , irado essa letra , gostei !!!!! Espero , de coração , que vcs venham logo ao Brasil quebrar tudo por aqui!!!^^P

Muito sucesso e paz


As músicas estão ótimas!

muito legaal mesmo

PARABÉNS! jeans, torones.

DRICO (adriano)

mto qualidade o trampo de vcs!

joão & cristian

lindo trabalho muito bom o som Deus abençoe...

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