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Rachel Flotard

you're killing yourself
if you think you can find
the fractures in my mind

you're sinking like a stone as he hangs up the phone
and the red's all you've left over

when sun sets west too long
another arctic heartbreak song
when the waves upon the ocean, and your
paint's another potion, turns you blue


when children come back home
another city's own
and mixed their blood on south side

and you try to see things through, but no one comes for you
when your busy running traces
instead of tying up your laces
you'll be blue


come what may, try to discover
unlocked hearts to throw away
you're killing yourselfif you think you can find primaries

the song can write itself
dear someone help me love myself
gun the fun down little soldier
when his arms reach out to hold her you'll be blue


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Nossa, incrível ! Adoraria ir a um show de vcs ! =D

Sandro Lois

Ola Visqueen , tudo bem !!?? Adorei as musicas de vcs , principalmente a Fight For Love , irado essa letra , gostei !!!!! Espero , de coração , que vcs venham logo ao Brasil quebrar tudo por aqui!!!^^P

Muito sucesso e paz


As músicas estão ótimas!

muito legaal mesmo

PARABÉNS! jeans, torones.

DRICO (adriano)

mto qualidade o trampo de vcs!

joão & cristian

lindo trabalho muito bom o som Deus abençoe...

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