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The Heritage We Will Left

Felipe Minuzzo/Douglas Fortunato

The dark is breathing around me
And light burns in jealousy
How can i live in that way?

The smoke is suffocating me
And bullets killed what i've seen
How do you use your brain?

Candles burning
And i can't see
In your glory
Rising our degrees
And your sorry
It's not enough for you and me
In this party
Our children will feel our toxic

How do you think you can pay
The fucking ending of our race?
Even god can control this thing!

Don't matter what you gonna say
I'm not going to fall from grace
How can you live in that way?

Don't you wanna go away?
One day?
Your fucking profit rate is now
Burning out my face

Don't you want to stay?
And see that death rains?
It's a little too late
Don't think, but complain!

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A Undermine Enemies chega com uma nova proposta: um som, ao mesmo tempo, pesado e melódico, com predominância e vocais limpos, mas também apresentando vocais mais agressivos, numa mistura de gêneros, buscando seu próprio caminho.
E como início dessa jornada surge "Undermine Enemies", primeiro ep da banda, que apresenta 8 faixas, sendo uma intro e uma bonus, presente somente no ep.
Link para download: http://www.4shared.com/file/224850869/495fe87f/Undermine_Enemies_-_Ep.html