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Silas Rodrigues

(31) 99221-7228 | (31) 99230-3545

Power Of Freedom

Heitor, Silas, Karson

Sometimes when you feel like the wind
Flying like an eagle, gazing at the skies
The gift of freedom rising in your eyes
You don't believe what you see

A rainbow, stars and a great tomorrow
And all that money can't buy

Maybe it’s a simple reason to believe
In a world where all of us can live
But there's something invisible controlling your mind
You have the power to deny

Tears, fear and black death
Is it all that we found?

Freedom is by our side
Leaving all behind
We can see a glorious future
Rising from our lives

We build up our destiny, high above
Like an eagle we will fly
Breaking the chains, with a force so divine
Cause now we have the power to deny

An eagle, clouds and a great sky
In my dreams to rise

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Thunderwrath é um banda de Power Metal formada em 2001 por músicos muito talentosos com uma forte influência de Heavy Metal. A união entre o trovão (Thunder) e a fúria (Wrath) reflete exatamente o som robusto da banda. As composições originais e detalhadas da banda misturam o peso do Power Metal com melodias marcantes, solos de tirar o fôlego e vocais limpos e poderosos.

Thunderwrath is a power metal band formed in 2001 by very talented musicians with a strong heavy metal background. The union between Thunder and Wrath accurately reflects the band’s robust sound. The band's detailed and original compositions blend the weight of power metal with striking melodies, breathtaking solos and clean and powerful vocals.