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    United to Win

    Jefferson Hottz

    We are warlike of honor
    In dissolvable it will be our pact
    We will not change a said word
    We will jam all that to try in destroying them
    And we will jam those that to breach
    The alliance made with our king
    Launching for land its crown
    Ruining its fortress
    Knocking down all the walls
    Pillaging all the passer-bys
    And mocking its neighbors
    Making to finish its splendor
    Knocking down its throne
    We will fight
    Against these perverse ones with its armies
    Thirsty for innocent blood
    We will fight with bravery
    Defeating one by one
    Until the battle is finished
    Because we are united to win

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    Banda formada para resgatar o verdadeiro Metal Old School. Tendo como temática lírica medieval como "Guerra, Sangue, Morte e Destruição".