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    Psichotic Warfare

    Daniel Hippertt

    Blind but alive,
    Dead but dreamming!!

    Empty heads walking in a line
    Alive but deacaying, dying

    The dream of a dead soul,
    Just another martyr to crown

    The disease is spreaded
    Through you eyes,
    Peace will be slayed
    Beneath all the lies.

    The fear is legacy,
    Aterrorized, silenced

    Inhale the poison,
    Suffocate another life,
    Blind another child

    Find my hope with the corpses,
    My world is burning -
    Bone by bone !

    The humanity is in a hospice
    Untill the eyes burn
    And ashes be the waste

    The kingdom is gone,
    The reign are burnt bones
    This war will inflame my eyes!

    The fear is legacy,
    Aterrorized, silenced

    You will be left behind
    To find the way to die
    Silenced and dehumanized!

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    Banda que traz uma brutal mistura entre Thrash Metal / Death Metal / Deathcore.