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    Edmarlon Semprebon

    Hey You

    Edmarlon Semprebon

    Hey you, take a look around
    All this mess ain't because of you
    Cut the crap, hurry up
    No need to clean the blood, you won't save your soul

    Come this way, don't look back
    Don't try to figure out what happens next
    It's up to you, sit and cry or go
    You've gotta face your fear, you're on your own

    Dear brother, take out your heart
    Fill its place with the black star
    Can’t let things the way they were
    You’ve gotta incinerate a few more bones

    Syrens come, the fire burns
    You are cold as ice, there is no return
    It’s 4 am, there is nothing there
    You’ve got to pray to be just a nightmare

    Hand spinning, time is running
    Spread your wings and fly away from here
    Clock is ticking, Bus speeding
    Set a place where my eyes can’t see you

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    Telecopters surgiu em 2014, tocando inicialmente cover de bandas indie pós anos 2000. Em 2017 a banda lançou seu primeiro EP.

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