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    Another dream
    The morning shades
    Weak lights, strong effects
    Poems not right, pictures of the death.

    I fell there's no music
    A lost world for me
    I touch you, I fell everything
    It's all I want.

    A cold paradise seems perfect?
    Nothing without you has perfection
    A file of lifes to buy
    But nothing interested me.

    The eyes painting with oil
    Not hypnotize yet
    With a tear that calls soul.

    Fallen angels take me to the heaven
    But they just use the carcass
    They don't need to hide
    They don't find the face of the queen of the sin.

    They found my wrist
    Cuted me
    My despair grunt
    But I never said that would stop.

    Let the tear of the pretty name goes away
    Give your hand to my love
    Be happy with me
    Because I'll be the happiest with you.

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    Technicolor é uma banda de rock alternativo que surgiu no início de 2004 na capital goiana. Influenciada pelo rock depressivo e agressivo de bandas noventistas como Alice in Chains e Nirvana, além de bandas como Muse e Radiohead. A Technicolor busca inovar com melodias distorcidas e vocais clássicos.