Surrender - Still Living

Renato Costa - Thiago Nascimento - Cleber Melo - Leandro Andrade - Eduardo Holanda

There comes another night
An endless night for the ones who feel the pain
I hope I survive
I know I can take this guilt every day
Tell me what I can do
Tell me how to do the best
You know all I have done was out of love

Tell me what I can say
About this feeling inside
Tell me it’s not in vain
If I could turn back time
All my dreams would come true
Because all that I want is you
And there’s no wasted time
When you do things for love
And all I have done was for you
All I’ve done was out of love

It’s worth the sacrifice
When you remember all the moments we’ve had
Just give me one more chance
And I’ll surrender my love to you, I swear!
I can tell what I feel
When you hold my hand so tight
All that it means
How it makes me strong
How it changes my life

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Call Of The Night(Álbum: YmmiJ)
The Man I’ve Become (Álbum: YmmiJ)
A Still Living é uma banda independente de Rock and Roll que está na estrada desde 2004! Ao longo desses 14 anos lançamos os seguintes trabalhos:


*YmmiJ (CD - 2017/Europa - 2018/Brasil);
*Still Living: The History of Singles (2012 - 2015) - (EP - 2016)
*From Now On + 1 Bônus (CD - 2016) - Relançamento/Reissue
*Humanity (CD - 2015);
*From Now On (CD - 2012);

*Call of The Night (single digital - 2017);
*Flying High (single digital - 2015);
*Surrender (single digital - 2014);
*Hollow Man (single digital - 2013);
*Stream Of Life (single digital - 2012);

*Believe (demo/2007);
*Still Living (demo/2005).

Participações em coletâneas:
* Blizzard of Rock (2010);
* Imperative Music – Volume VI (2013) que foi distribuído em vários países além ...

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