Still Living - Stream Of Life

Eduardo Holanda - Clécio de Souza

In the dark days of this year
You saw your dreams disappear…
You’re feeling all alone
Like a shadow on the wall…

Now you want to blame the world
Tomorrow is getting colder…

You need to come home
Or find a little shelter
There's a broken feeling
Knocking on your door
You’re not the only one
In the stream of life
Now you must be strong
To break the chains around you

What will life bring you now?
All the faith is going down…
More than a tragic day
You’re lost along the way…

In your eyes i see the pain
And your heart beats away…

Rain keeps on falling
In the strongest storm
The flame is burning
In the stream of life

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A Still Living é uma banda independente de Rock and Roll e estamos na estrada desde 2004! Ao longo desses 14 anos lançamos os seguintes trabalhos:


*YmmiJ - (CD - 2017/Europa - 2018/Brasil);
*Call of The Night (single digital - 2017);
*Still Living: The History of Singles (2012 - 2015) - (EP - 2016)
*From Now On + 1 Bônus (CD - 2016) - Relançamento/ Reissue
*Humanity (CD - 2015);
*Flying High (single digital - 2015);
*Surrender (single digital - 2014);
*Hollow Man (single digital - 2013);
*From Now On - (CD - 2012);
*Stream Of Life (single digital - 2012);

*Believe (demo/2007);
*Still Living (demo/2005).

Participações em coletâneas:
* Blizzard of Rock (2010);
* Imperative Music – Volume VI (2013) que foi distribuído em vários países além do Brasil (EUA, Japão, Itália, Alemanha…);
*Extreme Metal Nordeste – Vol. 03 (2014);

E-Mail: still_hardrock@hotmail ...

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