Call Of The Night - Still Living

Renato Costa - Eduardo Holanda

Night has come to town, it seems to hypnotize
I’m walking through the haze, I will roll the dice
I’ll take a breath, no time to lose
I’m gonna go ahead, my friend!
Would you like to be in my shoes?

Guided by the streetlights, roaming when it’s dark
Sometimes all you have to do is break the chains and shout
Shout for your freedom, shout for your life
Shout to spread the fire bottled up inside!

I just wanna tell you
That my life is passing by my eyes
We need to escape, man!
So we can’t refuse the call of the night

When you get to this point and choose the way to go
You leave your life behind, you must walk alone
Walk to your freedom, or to your grave
Sometimes the last one becomes the only way

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Call Of The Night(Álbum: YmmiJ)
The Man I’ve Become (Álbum: YmmiJ)
A Still Living é uma banda independente de Rock and Roll que está na estrada desde 2004! Ao longo desses 14 anos lançamos os seguintes trabalhos:


*YmmiJ (CD - 2017/Europa - 2018/Brasil);
*Still Living: The History of Singles (2012 - 2015) - (EP - 2016)
*From Now On + 1 Bônus (CD - 2016) - Relançamento/Reissue
*Humanity (CD - 2015);
*From Now On (CD - 2012);

*Call of The Night (single digital - 2017);
*Flying High (single digital - 2015);
*Surrender (single digital - 2014);
*Hollow Man (single digital - 2013);
*Stream Of Life (single digital - 2012);

*Believe (demo/2007);
*Still Living (demo/2005).

Participações em coletâneas:
* Blizzard of Rock (2010);
* Imperative Music – Volume VI (2013) que foi distribuído em vários países além ...

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