A Matter Of Time - Still Living

Eduardo Holanda - Thiago Nascimento - Renato Costa

I am walking all alone
On this endless road
I’ve been trying too long
To find my way far away from home

It’s not about all my dreams
In my heart a silent scream
Guides me through
The path of the wind

I had to go away, it’s not time to return
I’ve just followed my way

It’s a matter of time, it’s a matter of time
There’s a place for everyone
When I find my place
This search will be over

I am walking all alone
A simple life shows me the way
I am learning everyday
While the time slips away

It’s not about a trail of tears
In my heart a silent scream
Guides me through
The heat of the flames

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A Still Living é uma banda independente de Rock and Roll e estamos na estrada desde 2004! Ao longo desses 14 anos lançamos os seguintes trabalhos:


*YmmiJ - (CD - 2017/Europa - 2018/Brasil);
*Call of The Night (single digital - 2017);
*Still Living: The History of Singles (2012 - 2015) - (EP - 2016)
*From Now On + 1 Bônus (CD - 2016) - Relançamento/ Reissue
*Humanity (CD - 2015);
*Flying High (single digital - 2015);
*Surrender (single digital - 2014);
*Hollow Man (single digital - 2013);
*From Now On - (CD - 2012);
*Stream Of Life (single digital - 2012);

*Believe (demo/2007);
*Still Living (demo/2005).

Participações em coletâneas:
* Blizzard of Rock (2010);
* Imperative Music – Volume VI (2013) que foi distribuído em vários países além do Brasil (EUA, Japão, Itália, Alemanha…);
*Extreme Metal Nordeste – Vol. 03 (2014);

E-Mail: still_hardrock@hotmail ...

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