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Gustavo Strapazon

(51) 9314-3906

Darkness and light

Musica : Gustavo Strapazon, letra: Carl

Stormy days are made by fake
Tears of loneliness and pain
Dust and stone will blame something
Life is hard like playing minds together
In two sights!

Flying 'cross the world he comes
Conclusions besides won't come
Searching for some reason, hate
Maybe to erase these claims and pain

The moon belongs to the sun
Stars will grow and go

Through the end of night
Make dreams become reality
All blind men will see
The dark will find the light!

Flew horizons through the signs
White clouds never hide your lies

Scraps no longer hypnotize
The enchantment fades away
Goodbye to false romance

The dark will find the light!

The moon belongs to the sun
Stars will grow and go
The dark will find the light!

See the sunrise
Then you realize
Every second brings a surprise!

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Scelerata esta lançando seu novo CD " ESKELETONS DOMINATION "!!

As musicas surrender e Enemy Whitin fazem parte desse novo cd.

não deixe tambem de assistir o video clip Enemy Whitin.

a banda é formada por :

Carl Casagrande - Voz
Renato Osorio - Guitarra
Magnus Wichimann - Guitarra
Gustavo Strapazon - Baixo
Francis Cassol - Bateria