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Sharp Shooter

Gabriel Lana

I'll march ahead
Away from the light
It will take ages
And i don't even wonder why

Caught in the stream
Of a really bad water
I'm heading for the fiend
And subject to a slaughter

We keep doing
As we wanted
Without any feeling
We just keep doing

We know the target
We want the reaction
We just keep shooting
At the wrong direction

We're carrying a low caliber gun
And the chances are low
There is no mercy shot
And no time to reload

The wrong target
The wrong future
This one we learn to shoot
Like a sharp shooter

We are sharp shooters
For the wrong reason
And we shoot the wrong target
With the right precision

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Scatterbrainn é um projeto iniciado por Gabriel Lana em Novembro de 2009 que resultou um album ''Out of Tune'' lançando em Fevereiro de 2010, as musicas foram escritas, cantadas, tocadas, gravadas e mixadas por Gabriel Lana apenas.