The Winner's Tale


When he got and saw that land
He could see how hard it’d be
The true friends helped him at first
They were brothers

Feeling hungry almost dead
Bad times, anger and starvation
To survive he should be strong
And face his life

He’s got foes without a reason
He had been considered a coward
Wisely he’s defeated them
He has got the empire

The family was his life
His heart was full of mercy
He believed in his soul
His mind was free of questions

Winner, he’s the winner
Got the power through the weak
He’s the winner, winner
With no fear, feeling proud,
He’s the winner

He’s been tested constantly
He had to prove his martial skills
An important disciple he’s got
He took his legacy

They thought It could be easy to kill him
The revenge, he’s been looking for
But his spirit got so clear
There’s no blame

His new life has just begun
Fight! His honor, there’s no price
People said that he was dead – but
He has got the empire

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Surgida em dezembro de 2000 na cidade de Rio do Sul/SC, Brasil, a RHASALON nasceu da amizade entre dois amigos e sua vontade de tocar o que corria em suas veias: HEAVY METAL. Ademir (Baixo) e Mauro (Guitarra) chamaram então Vinetou para a Guitarra e Marquinhos para a Bateria. Em janeiro de 2001 Leonardo assumiu os vocais. Suas influências vem dos grandes nomes do Metal mundial, porém consegue estabelecer uma sonoridade própria. A discografia conta com um CD-Demo intitulado The Four Tunes (2003), EP: Warriors (2010), CD: The Lord of Darkness (2011) e o EP: The Winner's Tale (2013). A formação atual conta com Ademir (baixo), Leonardo (vocal), Greison (guitarra), Vinetou (guitarra) e Marquinhos (bateria).