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Inspired by literature, films and sci-fi comic books, the instrumental surf-music trio formed by Morotó Slim (guitar), CH (bass) and Rex (drums), have great influence of psychobilly, rockabilly, polka, spy music, bolero and waltz. The band´s music sounds like a powerfull soundtrack. Retrofoguetes started in 2002 at Salvador, Brazil. Since then they have peformed at the greatest festivals around the country what has contribute to affirm them as a very well known indie band. After recording their demo Protótipo de Demonstração 1 produced by andré t. and Nancyta, Retrofoguetes have been part of many rock collections like Surf Rock (Deck Music), Reverb Brasil (indie), Monstro Hits and a tribute to Ultraje a Rigor (both Monstro Discos). Their first album, Ativar Retrofoguetes! (2003, Monstro Discos), also produced by andre t ...

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