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strange feelings brings me questions no answers
was i perfect in my life
and my existence fill up me of questions
when i had greed to be a man

today i hide behind my biggest fears
the uncertainty of my exact end scare me
i`ve sought in temples answers for my life
and there i found reasons why we fight in war

we live for insane reason
madness is necessarily exact

when i see maternal arms scared
foolish evil after a wait endless
when i see the sadness on the look
of a freak person

i realize that fire light warm a body
is the same that light up the way back home
then i cry one more time
being selfish i behold the moon shine

then delude me for think about that the sun burning
only our shoulders, are we alone?
memories of know visions makes me to enjoy
stay in life i never was alone
they aways be there watching us
where the blood king crown
that now the fate took your sense
the yesterday killer now a blind no arms

i can witness all
now my thirst for revenge collide with my sadness
they really deserve what have
they are just helpless children

i can to give flowers to the forgotten
discovery in written verses in wonderful books
i can tell yes for who ask me
they remind me

the children that born innocent die sinful
those who born suffering, suffer without knowing
live to suffer and die without to suffer
the suffering still wait on the other side

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AE,thrash metal forever,abraçao NONCONFORMITY,confira nossa pagina!!!!!!!



essa banda tem talento um thrash metal de boa qualidade e som destruidor

musica que mais curto é lie or die loca

sucesso pra vcs caras



Cancro Hematófago

Muito bom o som de vcs, Parabens!

Muito sucesso são os votos da banda

Cancro Hematófago



thrash metal forever,abraçao NONCONFORMITY


Quantika no Garagem do Faustão!

SÓ LEMBRANÇAS,,16989-p-V1027892,00.html

AURORA BOREAL,,16989-p-V1023167,00.html

VOTA GALERA! Obrigado!!