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    Hot Dog

    Os Improváveis

    I was only sitting watchin
    Til you showed up
    And made me feel
    Like a stray dog
    And nobody knows your way

    We were late for the show
    And we don't really
    Really know
    What we should sing
    Or say to you today

    Sometimes it all seems to fall in place
    It's alright, it;s so good to know that
    Sometimes it all seems to fall in place
    I'ts all right now

    I was playing my guitar
    And never thought
    I'd get this far
    It feels so good
    To play for you this way

    Now success has blurred my mind
    And you thought that i
    Was not the kind of guy
    That could die on a highway motel full of hookers

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    fico feliz quando ouço vocês. muuuuito bom, gostaria de conhecer mais.

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