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    Claudio Girardi

    (21) 3597-9994

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    The Old Man Sessions Manifesto

    So here the " boring old" of the studio!!!

    He do not believe in politicians, they do not know and can not solve the problems of society, they are not trained for this, our problems with lack of food, the impending shortage of drinking water, problems with diseases, criminalization
    at least a good part of them can be solved by a technical person,
    chemical engineer,
    architects, pharmacists, doctors, biologists, designers, to name just a few, and not on a political enviroment, they are there to keep the staus quo,
    so in every election they promise to you, more investment in health, sanitation, safety, labor equality ….this is just the “power game”, you are playing this game if you like it or not!

    90% of ...

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