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    Lucca Girardi

    (11) 99932-7228 | (11) 2362-9959

    Man In Grey

    Lucca Girardi/Piero Desenzi

    I wake up and remember the fright
    I know he has been here tonight
    But I go to bed, crazy as it seems
    I know he has been watching my dreams

    After midnight, I tight my sheet
    Into a useless desire to sleep
    He chases me in ways I can't see
    I guess if I die he'll be waiting for me

    Head with no hair, face with no eye
    Mad as a sin, tall as the sky
    His mind is blank and the skin is grey
    He has been chasing me during the day

    He's on the street, he's staring at me
    As I go to bed he will come with glee
    Year after year, I hang on the phone
    The day he'll disappear is yet to come

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    Elionai lopes

    muito louco

    Richarlisson Stifl…

    muito massa :)

    Sybelle Scapini

    Muito Bommmm