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    Eduardo Ribeiro

    (41) 3019-2280

    Dont Burn Inside Me

    Eduardo Ribeiro

    No, don't go crazy
    No, ''please wanna'' she said
    No, you are in lonely
    No, you can be loser

    You make over come
    You make the fill, they say
    You make everything
    Your thing , you are backing

    If you, don't you as they say
    You turn against you
    You are standing for attack
    There is no happy end

    No, don't ask questions
    No, Don't buy answers
    No, can go away now
    No, you can turned back now

    You are new for friends
    You are my everything
    And you can fuck my bills
    You are the problems

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    New Dust, who possesss in their set list covers of bands as Backyard Babies until Vains of Jenna… having their influences of hard and punk rock. The band was formed in September of 2007 and have already passed for diverse formations, having if stabilized in their current formation. Pledged with the writing of Their first musics, the band is reuned in studio to create musics that fallow the line of Backyard Babies, having their influences of diverse artists of all the sources of the world of the rock and roll.