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    Mateus Scorpioni

    (44) 9911-6288

    falling back

    mateus scorpioni

    When i'm lying truths
    All the hell it comes running out
    And now i'm gonna sail for some silent room
    And now i'm gonna wait for my time
    When i'm falling into
    'cause all i have to tell you back
    Baby, i am almost figuring out you
    And these nothing blues
    All these plastic crowds
    All a misery form, well i'm a misery form
    And maybe now living for these seven houses
    I am falling into me
    When i'm falling down
    You cannot step inside
    But all you've got to tell me right
    My inconstancy
    All you've got to tell me back
    You feel loneliness
    All your fucking mort
    All of them are never coming back
    All your red fucking room
    It should come back
    With all the reason for
    All you have to do
    All i've got to spend on time
    These reddish eyes had never grown
    I'm going into…
    And i'm leaking back
    I wanna have to do you right
    All my happy time
    Nothing is true
    This is falling back again…

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    all voices, guitars and attempts to make any kind of sound were performed by mateus scorpioni.


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