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Mad Mamba

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Midnight Strike (DEMO)

Mad Mamba

When you’re alone I can smell your body fresh
You can’t hide, let’s find out who is mad!
The power is mine and your life is in my hands
You can see and pray for the suffer to end.

Try to escape and survive.
Inside, a killer is about to strike!

I am afraid that you don’t understand
Don’t make mistakes, I’m just your oldest friend.
Follow the noise and please don’t be afraid
You will be mine, I don’t need any fuckin' bait.

Try to escape and survive.
Inside, a killer is about to strike!

“I am your midnight strike.
I’m about to take control of your mind.
You can’t escape from my darkness.
You are.. Mine!”

I say: “don’t hide from me my friend,
My shadow will be always there.
You can’t deny your heart and soul,
My power in your mind will blow.

Baby your tears can be more than a lie.
I’ll be so satisfied.
Your future is in my empty hands,
Feel the strike of my venomous claw.”

Say goodbye to your life!
I am so satisfied.

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Mad Mamba

Rômulo Karymi - Vocal
André Alba - Guitarra
Paulo Vellozo - Guitarra
Henry Bermejo - Bateria
Matheus Alba - Baixo

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