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The True War


I feel these eyes on me
Like my own shadow breathing down my neck
Following me, watching me
Trying to replace me
I know you are playing a game
Where you want power and fame

Shut up while I scream and rule
I am in charge of your life
(The) true war happens when the pyramid falls
The eye is watching everyone
This is the end of an era
You can send your soldiers to the field
You will never control me
(So don’t try)

Begging, crawling
Ignoring everything
The signs appear to enlighten
The stars guide and feed our dreams

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diego almeida

como consigo baixar esta musica ou comprala teria como me informa

Detonador Perrone


Lyria Aline

Músicas disponíveis em nosso site, Itunes e Amazon. :)

Wagner Fernandes


Bruno Sousa

Dou valor e acho massa, mulheres timbre incrivel

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