Do It In France

Lucship :McD.

In a life without a meaning
And I am looking for myself
And I know I am alone but try to find somebody else

In my way I am encouraged by no one else but me
Except some friends and maybe two of my whole family

And it's hard to believe, what I’ve become
Just making a lot of thing that no one else has done

It's not so surprising, it is not so beautiful
It’s just that, no one else, has the courage to show
To be what they want

So I, oh I wait, for a better day
And I hope, all my friends, I hope we meet again
In a better place,
Where there's no, disgrace

While I try to teach, to show I’ve learned
Making the people, improving what they know
Almost everyone laugh of myself
Don't taking by serious what a boy could tell

When I lost my fears, and all my wrong concepts
And leaving the priority, of money and success
Oh I realize, how fool I was
Thinking whit those things, happiness would born
Why I could not see, people dancing around
I was too occupied, talking about their lives
Bad about their lives, nothing I feel pride

But now, oh it’s great, I recognize my mistake
And I have enough time, to change a lot of lives
And I have to sell dreams, to the ones who needs
And I have to be me, because love can save humanity

Like it saves me, and that’s my philosophy

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Com passagem nas mais diversas bandas Lucship :McD. começa a compôr para seu trabalho solo com um som diferenciado, uma mistura de tudo que já passou em seus ouvidos e na sua vida.

Com tudo que aprendeu em vida foi lapidando suas ideologias e continua sempre um eterno aprendiz mudando sempre que há necessidade para se adequar a forma mais coerente e sustentável de viver em uma sociedade decadente como essa, tentando levar em sua arte um feixe de luz nessa escuridão.

Só mais um, tentando não ser.