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    Raphael Olmos / Nicolas Andrade

    (19) 8299-3917 | (19) 9129-7650


    Raphael Olmos e Nicolas Andrade

    Hey you, look at my face
    Know that your life will be in disgrace
    I have pleasure to kill your race
    More lonely day by day

    I don't care about your excuses
    One piece of shit in life
    Will never forget my face
    Just look at the mirror day by day

    My Hate
    Through my veins

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    Just when you think you know what Kamala is all about, suddenly, you don’t anymore. That’s one of the secrets to this aggressive, dynamic, ever-evolving group of talented musicians. Kamala plays things in extreme fashion, that’s all part of being a thrash metal band. They’ve been compared to Gojira, Sepultura, Machine Head, and In Flames. But unlike their peers, predecessors, and contemporaries, Kamala is relentlessly pushing the boundaries of their genre while staying true to the sound that has been attracting fans and other musicians to them for years.

    How much can the past actually mean to a group that is always pressing forward? The road behind is still a part of the journey ahead; a journey that was conceived in 2003, but started decades before ...

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