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Johnny Franco

All The Good Stuff Of Life

Johnny Franco

Forget your car
If it is black, white or blue
Forget your job
All the stuff you've got to do
Just gotta take you
Just gotta take you
Forget your self
If you're good enough or cruel
Forget the time
Cause there's no time for you to hue
Just gotta take you
Just gotta take you
Just gotta take yourself
To the country side train
Laught at all you see
And come to me
That's all the good stuff of life

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"If you need some love, I can land…"
"Don't try to guess what I'm feeling cause you won't understand.."
"Don't metter If I'm not cool cause I've got a crush on you…"
"This doesn't have to end this way, we could wait one more day. Our destiny is choosed above, down here all we can do is love."
"Everybody has a dark side and mine is to be always so tide"
"Love is really something cruel"
"I'm a different kind of man, the one that can not tell you goodbye."

Johnny Franco