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    I've heard your voice inside the storm
    And I've felt the sand filling up my eyes
    I was taken to the dry bones
    What can I do, lord?

    Open your mouth and prophesy, man
    And declare life over those bones
    It might sound insane

    And that's what I did
    Life shall come over those bones!
    And then I was able to see
    Earthque shaking structures
    And then I was able to see
    A great army being formed
    By the power of the lord of
    Lords he can do do anything
    Yes, he can see everything
    'Cause he is inside of me

    But after all of this
    When I look around me
    It was real, it was great
    It wasn't only a dream

    Now do you understand me?
    I know our God can do everything
    If you give your life to him
    He can change everything

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