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    School Land

    Humberto Matos

    When we've no light to guide us
    When the sadness feeds the pain
    It's hard to remember where's the happiness
    The hardest part is to keep our dreams

    Easy solutions to catch our souls
    True shadows trying show us the way
    Are the men searching in the darkness?
    They seem to believe just in power

    School Land - The world has been a wise school
    School Land - The Courage and hope in our brave hearts
    School Land - We feel the breeze of journey
    Calling us for grace and glory

    Somewhere there's someone starving
    Feeling pain, dying for sense lack of life
    The last breath ask about new chances and
    To know if another day we'll find peace

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    A Dextra Sinister tem influências de várias bandas de metal melódico, mas tem buscado formar seu próprio repertório com bases no power, no clássico e no progressivo, sem deixar de lado a simplicidade. O objetivo maior, apesar da seriedade, é se divertir e quem sabe com outras pessoas também. Visite ou Se gostou, por favor, dê sua opinião, envie e-mail para ou on mind and God in Heart%u201D %u201CSee you later my friends%u201D
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    Dextra Sinister has influences of several bands of melodic metal, but has been looking for to form the own repertoire with bases in the power, classic ...

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