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Allyson Fernando

Bom som em curti 100% boa sorte para vcs em 2014

Thiago Motta

Estamos juntos com vc em 2013 !

Thiago Motta

Estamos ai...


Congratulations to Mr. Victor Junior, Junior Junao Ailton, Marcinho, Mauricio Lopes at the Fair Show of Peace

When I put the pictures Werick the Suelly Novaes by the presence!

To all who support our career, we take very seriously our dream.

And thank God we got a special invitation for 5 or 6 shows abroad, we are in negotiation ... but everything indicates that we were known United States. Grace's commitment to Mauricio Lopes.

Thank God, friends, admirers, who dream as much as us. All worth it when you faces to these guys


Valeu Dione, pra você também meu caro !!!!!!!!!

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