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Alex Moreira

(86) 9841-1718 | (86) 3220-5180

Way of Fire - DEMO

Alex, Jardel, Caio e Leonardo

The storms of your life,
Are next of your eyes
Near than you can feel
When the time has come
Your journey is begun
To where the fire is burning

Bleedind the ground
Thorns in your skin
Now you know, it's hard
But you have to find
A matter of your life
The way of fire is near!!

The storms are behind you
Open your eyes
Now the fear begins
In front of you
And you want to run
Way out of the end

Fire that burn
Feelings in flames
It will get your life
Don't turn your back
Face destiny or you'll
Burn in the fire of pit

In the fire i want you
You have no choice
I want you, with me now,
Come with me to my lair!!

Face your salvation
It is your choice.
Freedom of your soul
Say all your sins
God is at your side
Satan is too
They want you for them
This is what you will decide!!

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Banda criada em 2006. Estamos voltando ao palcomp3 por aqui já que não conseguimos acessar o anterior. Ou seja agora a para é aqui. hehe

Metal pra todos vocês!