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Alex Moreira

(86) 9841-1718 | (86) 3220-5180

Voice Near You

Alex, Jardel, Caio e Leonardo

I am a man who lived thousand years ago,
A soul that is closed on this earth.
You know who i am, i'm alwais at your side.
I am a part of you life!!

Look to your past,
I have the guilt
For your crimes!!
I want your help to make me strong!
And want to feel the evil in your veins...
And i will have my reign of hate...

Don't you see the truth that is
In front you?
I am salvation of this world.
If we clear the land of all those sinners
The life will grow to current ways...

Refrão :
I'm a voice near you!
That know your life
I'm a voice near you!
We'll fight together!


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