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D'Front Band: 3 years old, pop rock style, basically we joined the lyrics with poetry with the weight of the classic rock. Experience: We recorded our first demo in 2006, we had good popularization in the radios: RadioTropical FM (Pelotas RS) they played the 4 tracks of our DEMO. Radio Oceano, (Rio Grande RS) plays the track "Mente Insana" that is played until today. The most played song in the two radios. From the shows that we played we can highlight: First place in the festival of music Seiva da terra - FEARG, with the music " Palhaço Brasileiro", September of 2007. Festival do Pelotense. We were selected from the participants of 2008 Seiva da Terra, and we were among the better 8 bands and, we are today in process of ...

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