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    Instrumental Anacrusa. 1997 was the year that marked the creation of the group. First with the formation of a trio, composed by Keyboard (Marcos Diniz), Bass (Jocemar Ribeiro-Bingo) and Drums (Ubiraci Carlos), with the proposal of performing instrumental music, taking into account the pleasure of playing with a more elaborated and technical style, due to the absence of space opportunity for such a gender in our state. After a certain period of rehearsals, the trio began to be invited to perform in some places, such as, receptions, music schools, inaugurations, etc. As time went by, the need to enrich the instrumental formation created the incorporation of two more instruments: the Saxophone, played by the Venezuelan Carlos A. Cardenas, and later Gustavo Anacleto - and the Eletric Guitar played by Kiel Bispo ...

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