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    Mirror Of Deep Waters

    Júnior Oliveira / Edley Winderson

    From my pride I fell down, in a world without orbit, unknown
    I see the river whose currents aspire to unveil me, they flow into another sea

    I approach the mirror of streaming waters, it´s never the same
    Impressions I capture through the reflection

    Unconscious, I only breathed, consuming the airs of existence
    The anthem of life isn´t opposed to the will
    It´s always morning when one wants to wake up

    The seconds snap running in God's time
    Life runs willing to be revealed
    Now life´s river flows to the sea of existence

    Mirror of deep waters

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    Hector Clark

    pô que foda hein!!! tá de parabéns galera! lembra muito o heavenly sou da thunderwrath e é um prazer imenso escutar o som de vcs allos !!

    Ricardo Cruz

    Banda espetacular!!! Esta música "TheHero" vicia os bons ouvidos...

    Beatriz Gomes

    Desbloqueia o download por favor

    isack gamer br

    desbloqueia o download por favor

    Equipe Thunderwrat…

    Excelente som, muito bom mesmo! Somos THUNDERWRATH!!!

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