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Alex di Castro

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The spirit of the blues

Alex di Castro


Many nights I spent watching my life passing by

Feeling like something was really not so right

A big and empty space was living inside my heart

Some chains were not connected between my body and my soul

I was needing something more, to show me a different path in this life

Maybe just one hand to guide me across this desert in my mind

No matter how long it will take to put me back in the game

Cause I know it's a long, long road to you...

It’s the spirit of the Blues...

I hope you understand that I’m really trying to make things go right

Cause every time I hold you, I forget all that’s wrong in my mind

How can I keep living in this world without here you by my side?

Can you feel the same? Please give just a sign…

See how life can be good, with some love inside your heart

There's no use in walking alone when you find someone, this is right!

Now I see some reason to keep on walking in this long road called life

Cause I'm really, really in peace with you...

It's the spirit of the Blues
It's the spirit of the Blues

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da uma ouvida no nosso som aí!

acabamos de terminar nosso primeiro disco demo!

se gostar pode até virar fã pelo palcomp3! hehehe

valew!! abraços!!

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